Butterfly and Dragonfly Sanctuary Project 2007

“HELLO, did you know that I am a native and free butterfly?”

The words on the poster hit me as I stepped into the Orchid sanctuary at the Urban Jungle (Hutan Bandar), Johor Bahru, where I went for a walk this morning.

What? I was stunned.

The posters that I had thought were long forgotten had been resurrected. This was the Environment project, “Butterfly and Dragonfly Sanctuary Project”, that I had started, launched and worked on as a Soroptimist at the Johor Bahru club in 2007. It was exhilarating to see that the case carrying the different species of moths and butterflies was intact and each and every one of the posters still proudly bore the emblems of the collaborating partners. As you can see, the logos include the State Government (who had offered us the home for the project), our Soroptimist club, EPSON printing who sponsored the posters and plants – as their Japanese head was very supportive of environmental protection, and Nature Science Visions, whose entomologist assisted with creating all the exhibits and sourcing the plants.

lime-butterfly-posterframed-insectsmalay-lacewingWe had also planted species of plants around the park which would attract butterflies and other insects in line with conservation, preservation of their rich biodiversity, creating an educational life cycle study and scientific approach. (Read more here)

Yes, it was a wonderful feeling of satisfaction of being a Soroptimist and having made an impact on the community – even after 10 years, these exhibits were teaching the public about conservation and ecology. Anyone coming by the park and into this sanctuary would have a chance to witness Soroptimism at work in Advocacy, Action & Awareness.



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