SIKK’s second cooking class

28 April 2017: Here we are at 5.30am, Hanaa and yours truly all set for another three-hour journey to Kg Gana. This time, Aunty Julia, our invited guest, is with us to give the 2nd cooking class: how to make kuih wajid and kuih sengkuang! Yummy…


Everyone was ready and in their full gear – apron and ‘cap’ – when we arrived, all eager to learn. Aunty Julia wasted no time. She made everyone involved and soon everyone was busy …cleaning, chopping, pounding! So as we cleaned, chopped, pound and later rolled… we listened carefully as she guided us step by step on how to make the best kuih wajid and kuih sengkuang! Everyone was totally engrossed. The women and I shared ideas on ingredients, alternative varieties, plants, and Aunty Julia’s lesson went beyond cooking, to how to sell and make sure they make a profit! Needless to say, we all learnt a lot more than the usual cooking class that day!

Audrey Fung, OC
SI Kota Kinabalu

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